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How to Create Viral Pins on Pinterest - Over 500,000 Repins and Counting!

UNLOCK MILLIONS OF FREE IMPRESSIONS ON PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/PinntoWin In this video, you'll learn how to TRULY create Pinterest Pins that Go Viral. No FLUFF. We'll show you how we've created pins that get over 1 million organic impressions, had hundreds of pins generate hundreds of thousands of shares - for free, and Viral Pins that we can duplicate. If you're looking to use Pinterest marketing in your business, or trying to understand how to create Pinterest pins that go viral, and want to dominate your Pinterest feed to drive traffic to your website, This Viral Pins Tutorial will show you how. Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Video: How to Create Viral Pins on Pinterest The SECRET That NO ONE ELSE IS TEACHING to Creating Pinterest Viral Pins What to Look For When Designing Viral Pins What NOT To Do When Creating Viral Pins on Pinterest How we Duplicate Our Viral Pins Success How to Use This to Update Your Old Pinterest Pins to Have Them Go Viral For more training on Pinterest marketing - SIGN UP FOR THE FREE TRAINING: http://bit.ly/PFPTraining FREE PINTEREST RESOURCE: http://marketingsolved.com/75PinterestResources/ Other Videos You Might Like: How to Rank #1 on Pinterest: https://youtu.be/5QKzGbdwIZQ =====Want more Marketing insights and strategies? Connect with us for more free content, resources, and training==== http://MarketingSolved.com http://facebook.com/mrktgsolved http://facebook.com/groups/marketingsolved http://pinterest.com/katherinesulli http://twitter.com/mrktgsolved http://twitter.com/mrskatsulli http://instagram.com/mrskatsulli

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Video Transcript

hey what's up everybody I'm Kat Sullivan 00:02 back again with another pinterest 00:04 training for you in today's training i'm 00:06 going to show you something that 00:08 literally people ask me every single day 00:11 kat how do you create viral pins on 00:15 Pinterest so we've been able to have 00:17 pins that have gotten a hundred thousand 00:20 shares we've had pins get over a million 00:22 impressions on just one piece of content 00:24 and I've watched videos and how to 00:26 create viral pins and I got to tell you 00:28 guys today we are gonna knock out all 00:30 the stuff that's out there all the fluff 00:32 training that's telling you how to 00:33 create viral pins I'm gonna tell you 00:35 exactly what we did to create viral pins 00:38 over and over and over again so that you 00:41 can create viral pins in your business 00:43 again if you liked this video make sure 00:45 you like comment and subscribe so we can 00:47 continue to bring you amazing trainings 00:48 just like this one enjoy the training 00:50 guys bathroom sullivan is the CEO and 00:53 founder of marketing solve a serial 00:56 entrepreneur marketing pose and hi 01:00 wants to know this woman alright guys 01:03 I'm super excited to share this 01:04 top-secret training with you and how to 01:07 actually create viral Pinterest pins now 01:11 before I dive all the way in you have to 01:14 promise that one if you found this 01:15 helpful that you make sure that you like 01:17 comment and subscribe to my channel okay 01:19 that's my favor if you found this 01:21 helpful and also I want to make sure 01:25 that you guys know what I'm teaching you 01:28 is absolutely proven when I say viral 01:32 pins I mean thousands and thousands of 01:35 impressions and clicks I don't just mean 01:38 one pin that got a thousand likes or 01:40 anything like that I mean we have proven 01:42 consistently over and over and over 01:44 again that we can get viral content on 01:47 Pinterest with a proven formula so again 01:51 if you see other tutorials for viral 01:53 pins make sure they have the results 01:55 that they're teaching you before you 01:57 take their advice because I know there's 01:59 a lot of people out there teaching how 02:00 to create viral pins and they don't have 02:01 viral pins so it's more than just 02:04 knowing how to do it it's being able to 02:06 execute it and get it get those results 02:08 for yourself so just want to make sure I 02:09 put that disclaimer out there cuz I see 02:11 the trainings and I'm like that's not 02:12 actually how you do it but okay so like 02:15 I said I want to make sure you guys know 02:17 I'm the real deal here's what we've done 02:19 okay 02:19 this pin had about let's see ten 02:21 thousand impressions this pin had eight 02:24 thousand impressions this pin had three 02:27 thousand impressions this pin had thirty 02:31 nine hundred impressions we've got these 02:34 are the numbers here's one I mean four 02:35 hundred and forty seven thousand I mean 02:37 that's close to half a million 02:38 impressions on one piece of content 02:41 imagine being able to duplicate that 02:43 over and over and over again let's see 02:45 the next one this one is forty six 02:48 hundred impressions seventy eight 02:51 thousand impressions nineteen hundred 02:54 impressions and there we go 02:55 a million impressions ah just one piece 02:58 of content so when I tell you guys like 03:00 this is something we've proven we know 03:02 how to execute it over and over and over 03:04 again and make sure all of our content 03:06 actually performs this well that's what 03:08 I mean I want you to make sure that 03:09 you're getting information from someone 03:11 who did not watch a YouTube video 03:12 yesterday we've been doing Pinterest 03:14 marketing for about ten years now 03:16 here's another one that we have this one 03:17 had one hundred and forty two thousand 03:19 shares on it and I can continue I can 03:21 keep going I can keep going and keep 03:22 going but I wanted to show you how to do 03:24 it for yourself okay so here's one of 03:26 the number one things you need to know 03:28 when it comes to creating viral pins on 03:30 Pinterest is what to do and what not to 03:33 do most people are gonna fall in the 03:36 what not to do category but you are 03:38 gonna learn how to do this differently 03:39 and you are gonna change your ways so 03:42 first things first I pulled up a couple 03:45 examples for you just to show you what 03:47 we're looking at okay let's say you are 03:49 a company and you sell iPhone cases the 03:51 first thing that you do when you get to 03:53 Pinterest is you search iPhone case you 03:55 got to see what's out there you got to 03:56 see what what's popular you guys see 03:58 what people are clicking on what the 04:00 results are right so I click on iPhone 04:03 case we have a client a member in one of 04:05 our programs and he has a really great 04:07 company they do iPhone cases so I did a 04:10 bunch of research for him it's called 04:11 eye candy 04:12 I think it's eye candy case is calm and 04:15 I did this research and I was like wow 04:17 look at all of these pens they're really 04:20 cool but what I see as a user is it all 04:24 blends in nothing stands out okay it's 04:28 just everyone's holding that it's all 04:30 this everyone's holding a case that 04:33 doesn't stand out that doesn't create 04:35 this attraction or this magnet for 04:39 people looking at I phone cases right 04:41 it's very dull they're very boring they 04:44 all look the same I'm not impressed what 04:48 I would do is I would create something 04:51 that doesn't look like any of these all 04:54 right let me show you some more examples 04:56 alright gardening super popular what you 05:00 see here is everything is Green Green 05:03 Green Green Green Green Green Green cuz 05:06 green is associated with gardening 05:08 correct 05:08 however when I'm like okay but how does 05:11 my content stand out if everything is 05:14 green here's what I said most people do 05:17 alright and this is what this is the 05:18 wrong thing to do when it comes to 05:20 Pinterest marketing for your business is 05:22 people will go and do the research and 05:24 they'll go okay 05:25 everything looks green so I need a 05:27 really good picture of a garden and 05:29 that's how I'm gonna I'm gonna drive 05:31 traffic well in fact you're just gonna 05:34 create a piece of content that looks 05:35 like everybody else's piece of content 05:37 so it's not gonna stand out you're not 05:39 gonna get extra clicks you're not gonna 05:40 go viral because you're creating content 05:42 that looks like everybody else's when 05:44 really what you need to do is see what 05:46 stands out what pops what are people 05:49 gonna be magnetized to right so when I'm 05:52 looking at this I see this one this one 05:54 pops 15 gardening hacks you probably 05:56 didn't know about the 15 is big its bold 05:58 and it's not green it's yellow it gives 06:01 you a little bit of a contrast instead 06:03 of just being a picture of a garden it 06:05 actually is text on the front that tells 06:08 you what you're gonna get when you click 06:10 that link so if I were doing this 06:13 research I would go okay let me see here 06:16 what are some colors I don't see okay I 06:19 love this this one purple boom 06:22 purple stands out because it's not 06:24 blending in with everything else 06:25 everything else is green so you could 06:29 say you know I'm gonna create content 06:30 but I'm gonna do a little bit 06:31 differently I'm gonna create something 06:33 yellow or something purple or look 06:35 where's the red not a single thing 06:37 that's red so red might be something 06:39 that's gonna stand out if you're trying 06:42 to get in front of people who are 06:44 gardening you need to do something 06:45 different not the same and that's where 06:48 people fall in line if I was gonna do 06:50 iPhone cases the last thing I would do 06:52 would be just a boring picture of me 06:55 holding an iPhone I don't think that I 06:57 would click on that because there's 700 06:59 other ones but what you could do is you 07:02 could create a tall pin and you could 07:05 make a collage with like I don't know 10 07:08 different colored iPhone cases and you 07:12 could make it really tall have lots of 07:15 different different styles on it because 07:17 that in this sea of everything's the 07:20 same size everything's the same color 07:22 everything's the same style you have to 07:25 do something that actually stands out 07:27 all right I'm gonna show you this one 07:30 I'm in marketing right that's what I do 07:32 so all of our pieces of content that go 07:35 really viral are around and related to 07:37 marketing well 07:38 type in marketing you know you go 07:40 through it and it all kind of like 07:42 everyone got it all kind of looks the 07:44 same right it does it all kind of looks 07:47 the same it's like the same size the big 07:50 12 the flat lays the pictures of 07:52 computers right like everyone does the 07:55 same thing they go and they their 07:56 research is backwards they're like well 07:58 everyone else is doing this so that must 08:00 be what works right wrong no that's not 08:03 what works this pin that we had that got 08:06 a million impressions do you know why 08:08 that posted so well let me show you I'm 08:11 gonna do 08:13 let's do social media content as the 08:17 keyword alright okay 08:23 social media content right so again you 08:25 look through here again it's it's better 08:27 I mean there's some that are better but 08:29 at the time it was everything was flat 08:31 lay image why pastel you know everything 08:37 was the same so I went in and was like 08:39 what's what's not being done right 08:42 what's not being done and I looked and I 08:44 was like you know what I'm gonna do 08:46 something yellow because I want this to 08:49 stand out so I'm gonna make it just tall 08:51 enough so that it doesn't cut off my pen 08:53 and I'm gonna do something bold and 08:56 creative I'm gonna do yellow and hello I 09:01 mean the results the results kind of 09:03 speak for themselves that yellow pen got 09:06 1 million impressions on that one piece 09:08 of content what now this one the reason 09:12 this one went viral and yes I know why 09:14 is because back in the day when we were 09:16 just getting started everyone only did 09:20 sorry my computer's gonna a little 09:21 donkey wonky everyone did these title 09:25 pins and they all look the same so I 09:27 back in the day when I wrote this 09:29 article I was like well how can I make 09:31 that stand out so it's like you know 09:32 what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put all of 09:34 the content on the front of the pen and 09:36 I'm gonna I'm gonna just put it on there 09:38 and let people see it and save it so if 09:41 you were on Pinterest and you saw this 09:43 and then you saw this you'd be like oh 09:47 I'm gonna save this one it's big its 09:49 bold its tall it's got all the value on 09:52 at the time no one was doing that they 09:54 were all doing this so I saw that as an 09:56 opportunity to just design a pen that 09:59 stood out that was different than 10:02 everything else and I want you guys to 10:03 get into the habit of seeing what 10:06 everyone else is doing and pivoting 10:09 finding a way that you can see how 10:12 everything looks the same and what you 10:14 could do to stand out this is a video 10:17 it's for toothpaste it's completely 10:19 irrelevant to fitness however that 10:22 stands out it's got a bright blue 10:24 background and green elements like that 10:27 totally stands out because everything 10:29 else is girl you know image like this 12 10:33 these are cool but I would totally 10:34 change the colors because they don't pop 10:36 enough they just aren't bright enough 10:38 they don't stand out they don't 10:39 magnetize or they don't you know they're 10:41 just not magnetizing me to their content 10:43 so I would look for what's missing in 10:46 this is is it that it needs a really 10:49 tall pin is it something that maybe like 10:51 this may not be the best graphic but it 10:54 definitely stands out I I looked at it I 10:57 didn't even see this but I looked at 10:59 this right so I'm just trying to get you 11:01 guys to understand that you can learn so 11:03 much by looking at this feed and seeing 11:06 what everyone else does and then doing 11:07 it way way differently that's gonna be 11:10 your challenge so no matter what it is 11:12 the first thing I want you to do is go 11:13 and search look at the results see 11:16 what's missing and then create something 11:18 that fills that gap that fills that need 11:21 we did one let me see if I can find it 11:24 for you guys so let's see and if you 11:28 want to see what's being pinned from 11:29 other websites you can go to Pinterest 11:31 comm forward slash source forward slash 11:34 whatever URL entrepreneur comm marketing 11:37 cell comm you know bodybuilding comm 11:40 whatever just type that in and there was 11:43 one that we did just recently and it 11:46 went bananas it was this was one of them 11:50 so open that one up and I'll tell you 11:52 what the thought process was behind that 11:54 because I test a lot of graphics against 11:57 each other and I'll show you how they 11:58 performed in a second okay here it is so 12:01 the one that I had done recently was 12:03 this black 12:05 pen now when I was researching this I 12:07 was doing a training for my audience and 12:09 I was trying to figure out like what do 12:11 I need to do that's different that 12:12 stands out and as I was looking at I 12:14 think it was just online businesses so 12:17 let me let me go back to Pinterest and 12:18 search online businesses what I found 12:22 was that they all looked the same right 12:25 like they were all like colored and they 12:28 all had the you know the image with 12:30 somebody who has a phone or they just 12:33 all looked the same and I was like well 12:35 what can I do that's differently that's 12:37 different and I created a ton of 12:39 different graphics so let me show you 12:40 what I did for this one specifically I 12:45 created this one and this bright pink 12:46 one and this black one this blue one and 12:48 this little pastel colored one and what 12:51 I found was that it performed really 12:54 well because it looked different than 12:56 everything else that was standing out 12:58 here nothing here is hot pink right 13:00 nothing here is all black it's all kind 13:02 of the same so again it's just a matter 13:05 of you guys identifying what works 13:07 really really well 13:08 for you the other one I'm gonna actually 13:10 pull up my profile to show you guys 13:13 quickly here 13:14 I had pinned some different pieces of 13:18 content a couple weeks back just as 13:20 testing right and one thing I want you 13:23 guys to understand that you have full 13:24 control over is creating multiple 13:27 graphics per post so if you've seen when 13:30 I clicked here I have six different 13:32 graphics that people can pin that gives 13:34 them a lot of control over what they're 13:37 pinning to Pinterest and it takes out 13:40 the assumption that I know what they're 13:42 gonna like the best and this is really 13:43 important I don't know what's gonna 13:45 perform the best I don't know with red 13:47 or yellow or this kind of overlay or 13:50 putting the actual graphic on there I 13:52 don't know what's gonna perform best the 13:54 best thing I know how to do is go into 13:56 canva and create a variety of graphics 13:59 so for this one we did 75 free Pinterest 14:01 resources and let's see it's one two 14:04 three four five different graphics okay 14:07 so see these we've got like the gray 14:10 then we did that with red because 14:12 Pinterest then we did yellow because 14:15 yellow worked on the other pen right 14:17 then we did this one with the red 14:18 overlay with the Pinterest background 14:20 and then we did this one with just the 14:22 actual download and what they would get 14:25 so when I look at this I had no idea 14:28 which one was gonna perform the best 14:30 I just don't you cannot predict that the 14:32 only way is to just create a variety so 14:34 whereas yellow killed it on the other 14:37 one we got a million impressions right 14:38 here it got 544 so I knew right off the 14:40 bat yellow wasn't going to cut it for 14:42 people searching for Pinterest so then 14:44 you see this one actually of all of them 14:46 was one of the higher it was just an 14:49 image I literally put some text over it 14:53 and I just toned down the brightness so 14:56 that that's it it's super simple 14:58 that one had 6,500 impressions this one 15:01 with the Pinterest resources got 1,300 15:04 so it's things like that and 120 clicks 15:07 which is pretty important this one got 15:08 125 clicks as well so it's it is 15:10 important to know that but at the end of 15:12 the day I can't predict what's gonna 15:14 perform what's gonna go viral but I will 15:16 put out as much content as I can as many 15:19 different graphics that I can so that I 15:21 can let my audience decide what they 15:23 want and what they want to share if I 15:25 only create one I'm doubling down if I 15:27 create five I have five different posts 15:30 that are gonna all be reaching different 15:31 audiences that are all ranking that are 15:33 all driving traffic and then my audience 15:35 tells me which design they like the most 15:37 so that's gonna be how you guys start 15:40 creating content that goes actual viral 15:42 all right see what everyone else is 15:44 doing don't do that do it completely 15:46 different create a variety of graphics 15:48 that are gonna stand out that are gonna 15:50 magnetize your audience that are gonna 15:52 pop and that's how you guys are gonna 15:54 start getting a lot more clicks on your 15:56 pins so again if you guys found this 15:58 helpful make sure you click like comment 16:00 and subscribe so that I'll continue to 16:01 bring you guys amazing training like 16:03 this see you soon alright guys so I hope 16:05 you enjoyed that training again we 16:07 wanted to make sure that we cut out the 16:09 fluff and we give you the actual meat 16:11 and tactics of how to create those viral 16:13 pins and now you have exactly what you 16:16 need in your tool belt to help you 16:18 really accelerate your marketing on 16:19 Pinterest again if you found this video 16:21 helpful make sure you like comment and 16:23 subscribe to our Channel 16:25 we love you guys see you next time

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